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Actual Patient Story
Make Knee Pain Go Away

It was heartbreaking to see one of our patients wheelchair-bound, with her right knee swollen out like a golf ball, and in severe pain on a daily basis.

“Nights were the worst. Chronic pain in my right knee kept me awake and miserable. My biggest dream was to just be able to go grocery shopping.”

We knew we could help her knee pain and help her get back to enjoying a normal lifestyle again! Now, after having AROmotion’s procedure, we watched her walk out the door of our clinic, smiling and cane-free.

3 Tier Approach

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Sensory nerves send pain signals to your brain. Our doctors use radiofrequency ablation to heat the nerves, temporarily disrupting the pain signal. This blocks the pain and provides relief, which allows us to treat the underlying cause of the pain (think of it like numbing an area before a procedure). The nerves that are causing you pain are also releasing a host of inflammatory proteins that are multiplying and worsening the pain. RFA, by turning off the nerve, stops the release of those negative factors that are degenerating the cartilage further and decreases swelling.

Structural Tissue Product

RFA removes the negative factors, but equally integral to AROmotion is the introduction of positive factors, which we call “structural tissue product”. These factors include live factors. These factors themselves only survive temporarily, but they cause an explosion of growth of other healing factors. They restore the deteriorated cartilage by proliferating chondrocytes (new cartilage), lubricate the joint, and create a healthy environment.

Joint Strengthening

Your joints are designed to move in a certain way in order to stay strong. Pain, stiffness, and weakness in your joints that occurs as a result of a degenerative condition may prevent you from being able to flex and stretch them, which leads to a vicious cycle of further pain and immobility. Once RFA has relieved the pain, our doctors help you strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding your joint. Structural tissue product needs time to produce noticeable effects, but the stronger your joint becomes during that process, the faster and more completely your joint will heal.
Why AROMotion Is Amazing
Patient Stories
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If joint pain is preventing you from living the life you love, AROmotion might be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more!

Patient Success Story

“My name is Frank and this is my story. My right knee cartilage was gone. I was bone-to-bone. The pain was unbearable. I went to doctors and they wanted to do surgery they wanted cut out my knee. I didn’t want to go that way. ARO changed my life. I had the procedure done and now I’m riding, no pain. It’s like I started a new chapter in my life. It’s a miracle, it really is that I’m back cycling. It’s like my dream come true.”

Frank – Fort Myers, FL