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Save your natural joint. Get rid of your daily pain.

AROmotion is a new way to stop the shoulder joint pain and is a REAL alternative to cutting out your natural joint.

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Were you told that your only options are to live with the pain, take medication or otherwise you have to have a shoulder replacement? AROmotion fills that void with a new option– a lasting solution that can stop the pain so you can keep your shoulder joint!.

If shoulder pain is preventing you from enjoying a life of pain-free movement, you’re not alone; now there is a solution that doesn’t require major joint replacement surgery! AROmotion is a lasting, medical procedure that can stop the pain while healing and strengthening your shoulder.

Contact us today for a free consultation! Our Board Certified Physicians (MD or DO) will determine if you are a candidate.

AROmotion combines an FDA approved procedure called radiofrequency neurotomy to disrupt the sensory nerves and stop the pain inside the ball joint of your shoulder. Chronic NERVE PAIN is not just a symptom, it is what perpetuates the cycle of toxic inflammation and arthritic cartilage destruction inside of the shoulder joint capsule. By disrupting this pain, the nerve pain induced toxic inflammatory proteins diminish and the joint capsule can finally calm down. Now, this healthier, more normalized joint microenvironment can better support the orthobiologic used to complement your natural healing factors. Finally, with the pain mitigated, physician directed strengthening and reconditioning of the shoulder muscles and ligaments can start immediately!

This is truly an alternative to shoulder replacement replacement surgery! We treat your problem, shoulder joint pain, AROmotion stops the pain, helps heal damaged joint cartilage and allows fast effective reconditioning of the shoulder muscles and ligaments. Remember, total shoulder replacement surgery, is a big operation that carries the inherent risk of anesthesia, surgery and hospital based infections. Remember, once they surgically cut out your natural shoulder joint and replace it with an implant, there is no going back. AROmotion is needle-based, so there is no big incision, no scarring or surgical recovery period. Saving your joint through AROmotion is a faster and safer way of treating your problem…arthritic shoulder joint pain. Get back to pain-free motion without surgery!

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Patient Success Story

“After meeting with multiple providers, I was blessed by finding this wonderful group of talented and caring Doctors. They have provided professional outstanding care from my Initial appointment reviewing my medical reports, explaining the procedure, answering my questions, performing the procedure, through the periodic follow-up appointments. I have been able to once again walk without the assistance of a cane. They gave me quality of live back.”

Doreen F.