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If you suffer from non-radiating pain in your neck or back (or both) that is keeping you from performing daily tasks, focusing on your job, exercising, travelling, sleeping soundly, playing with your kids or grandkids, or otherwise enjoying activities you love, AROmotion may be the solution!

Depending on what is causing your back pain, many people believe that there are only few options like living with it, epidural steroid shots or undergoing major spine surgery.

AROmotion combines an FDA approved procedure called radiofrequency neurotomy to disrupt the sensory nerves and stop the pain inside the Facet joints or “knuckles” of your spine. Chronic NERVE PAIN is not just a symptom, it is what perpetuates the cycle of toxic inflammation and arthritic cartilage destruction inside of the tiny facet joint capsule. By disrupting this pain, the nerve pain induced toxic inflammatory proteins diminish and the joint capsule can finally calm down. Now, this healthier, more normalized joint microenvironment can better support the orthobiologic used to complement your natural healing factors. With the pain mitigated, physician directed strengthening and reconditioning of the paraspinal muscles and ligaments can start immediately!

This is truly an alternative to spinal fusion surgery! We treat your problem, arthritic facet joint pain, AROmotion stops the pain, helps heal damaged joint cartilage and allows fast effective reconditioning of the paraspinal muscles and ligaments. Spinal fusion surgery removes the facet joint by fusing it with an implant and screws, this is a big operation that carries the inherent risk of anesthesia, surgery and hospital based infections. Remember, once they surgically fuse your spine with an implant, there is no going back. AROmotion is needle-based, so there is no big incision, no scarring or surgical recovery period. Saving your joint through AROmotion is a faster and safer way of treating your problem…arthritic facet joint pain. Get back to pain-free motion without surgery!

Contact us today for a free consultation! Our Board Certified Physicians (MD or DO) will determine if you are a candidate.

How Aromotion Can Help

There are various options available to treat neck and back pain. Treatment for neck and back pain will depend on your specific diagnosis, the pattern of your pain, your age, the health of your spine, and other factors.

AROmotion is a cutting-edge solution for pain caused by joint injuries and degenerative disorders. In people with “arthritis” or degenerative facet joints in the neck and back, this technique coupled with pain mitigation improves function quickly without spinal fusion surgery. Our unique, minimally invasive treatment procedures are needle-based, so there is no incision and no surgical recovery period. AROmotion preserves your natural joints, promotes natural healing, and restores your mobility faster than other treatments!

Other Treatment Options Include:

Patient Success Story

“Overall, I’ve had an extremely positive outcome. I was happy that I was able to bend it, I was able to seat, able to do normal things. I was just thrilled. I couldn’t say enough about Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics. I went into retirement that was going to have a better possibility of having a healthy knee. Being able to walk and enjoying my grandchildren. And I am thrilled to help share the story, because I think it’s one of hopes and I think it’s great for the health of anybody. Because we need our knees to walk.”

Susan P.