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Keep Your Knee Joint. Stop The Pain.
Is knee pain hindering you from living your dreams or even just performing daily tasks? Were you told that your only options are take medication and live with the pain or otherwise you must have a knee replacement? AROmotion fills that void with a new option– a lasting solution that can stop the pain and preserve your natural joint.

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Pain-Free Motion
If knee pain is keeping you from living an active lifestyle, you’re not alone, and you’re not without hope! You may have been told that your only option is major joint replacement surgery, but the team at AROmotion offers you an alternative – a lasting solution known as AROmotion that can preserve your natural joint and return you to pain-free motion.

Contact us today for a free consultation! Our Board Certified Physicians (MD or DO) will determine if you are a candidate.

How AROmotion
Can Help
AROmotion combines an FDA approved procedure called radiofrequency neurotomy to disrupt the sensory nerves and stop the pain inside the hinged joint of your knee. Chronic NERVE PAIN is not just a symptom, it is what perpetuates the cycle of toxic inflammation and arthritic cartilage destruction inside of the hip joint capsule. By disrupting this pain, the nerve pain induced toxic inflammatory arthritis proteins diminish and the joint capsule can finally calm down. Now, this healthier, more normalized joint microenvironment can better support the orthobiologic used to complement your own natural healing factors. With the pain mitigated, natural strengthening and reconditioning of the knee muscles and ligaments can start immediately!

This is truly an alternative to major knee replacement surgery! We treat your problem, knee joint pain, AROmotion stops the pain, helps heal damaged joint cartilage and allows fast effective reconditioning of the muscles and ligaments.

Remember, total knee replacement surgery, is a big operation that carries the inherent risk of anesthesia, surgery and hospital based infections. Once they surgically cut out your natural knee joint and place an implant, there is no going back. AROmotion is needle-based, so there is no big incision, no scarring or surgical recovery period. Saving your knee through AROmotion is a faster and safer way of treating your problem…arthritic knee joint pain. Get back to pain-free motion without surgery!

What Knee Pain Conditions AROmotion can treat

Bone-on-Bone Knee Pain

Knees are hinge joints. As the joints move back and forth, over time, the hyaline cartilage (a hard, slick coating that protects the bones) begins to wear thin. “Potholes” are formed. The cartilage is no longer acting as a barrier between the bones in those spaces where the bone is exposed; the bone is rubbing against bone. Pressure from movement can then cause intense pain. AROmotion stimulates the cartilage, filling the empty space that is the true source of your pain.

Bone Spurs in Knee

Over time, the hyaline cartilage in your knee joint (the hard, slick coating that prevents the bones from grinding against each other) begins to wear thin. Bone spurs occur over years to actually help protect and stabilize the sides of the joint. They typically do not affect the motion of the hinged knee joint unless the joint is so degenerated that it is mechanically not functioning and people typically need a walker or wheelchair to get around.

Knee Osteoarthritis

Knees are hinged joints. Knee osteoarthritis is a general term for the disease that causes the wearing down of hyaline cartilage (the hard, slick coating that prevents the bones from grinding against each other). This is the same cartilage you will find at the end of a chicken bone. When this cartilage thins or wears down it is typically in spots, like “tiny potholes in your chicken bone cartilage”. The medical term for this is Chondromalacia. Any pressure from movement will then cause serious pain, because the nerve endings underneath are not protected. Symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are non-mechanical such as pain, stiffness, weakness, swelling, decreased range of motion.

Arthroscopy is a cutting grinding surgery, ideal to trim a large meniscus tear flip flopping and getting stuck creating mechanical pain. Arthroscopy has no role in the treatment of chondromalacia. Think about it…how is a cutting or grinding instrument going to help or repair a pothole in the hard dense hyaline cartilage? It can’t!

The only other surgical option in the orthopedic surgeon’s tool box is total knee replacement! Cut out the ends of the bone and put in a titanium implant…because that is where the nerve endings that are hurting you live. This is why you were told that your only options are to live with the pain and take medication or you just have to have a knee replacement? AROmotion fills this extreme void with a new option– a lasting solution that can stop the pain so you can keep your knee!

Torn ACL

Your ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, provides stability to your knee joint. ACL tears are one of the most common and most painful knee injuries. Because they contribute significantly to stability, if you tear your ACL you may not be able to walk or put weight on your knee at all, and may also experience a popping sensation, swelling, an inability to move your knee, and crippling pain. Treatment is with arthroscopy, which uses one or two dime-sized incisions and a thin instrument with a camera to diagnose and repair the tear.

Meniscus Tear

Most of us over the age of 60 have some degree of meniscus tearing, fraying or degenerative thinning. What’s interesting is that the “space” we see between the bones on a simple knee X-Ray is made up of the fibrous meniscus as it is less dense than bone or hyaline cartilage. So when you are told that you are “bone on bone” and have to have a knee replacement. What the surgeon is really saying is that since there is no space, you have no meniscus so the meniscus cannot be the cause of your pain. The ONLY other cause of knee pain MUST be due to Chondromalacia aka “potholes in your chicken bone cartilage” pressing on the unprotected nerve endings. So you have to have a knee replacement…if you want the surgeon to treat you.

Your meniscus is a leathery, C-shaped piece of cartilage that cushions, lubricates, and stabilizes your knee joint. Sudden and violent rotating movements (think sports injuries) can cause meniscus tears, but natural wear and tear over time can result in meniscus tears from movements as simple as standing. Like a torn ACL, a large meniscus tear that is mechanically getting stuck like a rock in your shoe can lead to swelling, inflammation, stiffness, sharp pain, and an inability to bear any weight. Arthroscopy is performed to shave or trim the meniscus flaps that have torn away causing the mechanical knee pain and instability.

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If any of these knee pain conditions are preventing you from living the life you love, AROmotion might be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more!

Patient Success Story

“My name is Frank and this is my story. My right knee cartilage was gone. I was bone-to-bone. The pain was unbearable. I went to doctors and they wanted to do surgery they wanted cut out my knee. I didn’t want to go that way. ARO changed my life. I had the procedure done and now I’m riding, no pain. It’s like I started a new chapter in my life. It’s a miracle, it really is that I’m back cycling. It’s like my dream come true.”

Frank – Fort Myers, FL