Joint Replacement Facts


Get the facts on joint replacement surgery.

Know the risks of
total joint replacement surgery

While total joint replacement surgery may be the right solution for some patients, the truth is that there hasn’t been a viable, non-surgical alternative available until now. Because we have accepted surgery as the standard solution for joint pain, most patients don’t even know what to expect from total joint replacement surgery – or what questions to ask before making the commitment. 

Understanding the Risks

Joint Replacement Surgery vs. AROmotion

Superior Minimally Invasive Approach


 Conventional Joint Replacement SurgeryARO – Non-Surgical Procedure
Hospital Stay2-4 DaysOffice-based
Incision Size5-10 InchesNone
ImplantationTitanium prostheticNone
Recovery Time4-6 weeks to walk without assistance
6-12 months to full recovery (PT required)
Immediate relief (walk-in, walkout)
1-4 weeks (PT sometimes required)
WOMAC Scores35.5% reduction57% reduction at 24 months
Complications>23% (including wound infection, cardoivascular/pulmonary/circulatory complications, peripheral/central nervous system involvement, tendon and ligament rupture or blood transfusion. (2)None

ARO has quicker recovery times, faster return to daily activities & lower incidence of complication.

What are the risks of surgical implants?