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AROmotion provides a minimally-invasive & lasting solution that stops the pain so you can keep your hip!

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Is hip pain hindering you from enjoying life & performing daily tasks? Are you reluctant to undergo major joint replacement surgery? Try AROmotion! AROmotion provides a minimally invasive, and long-lasting alternative that retains your natural joint and results in pain-free movement.
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AROmotion combines a micro-procedure called radiofrequency neurotomy that disrupts the sensory nerves and stops the pain inside the ball joint of your hip. 

Chronic NERVE PAIN is not just a symptom. It perpetuates the cycle of toxic inflammation and arthritic cartilage destruction inside the hip-joint capsule. By disrupting this pain, the nerve pain-induced toxic inflammatory arthritis proteins diminish and the joint capsule finally calms down. 

This healthier, more normalized joint microenvironment can better support the orthobiologic used to complement your own natural healing factors. With the pain mitigated, natural strengthening and reconditioning of the hip muscles and ligaments can start immediately!

This is truly an alternative to
major joint replacement surgery!

Stop your hip joint pain, without a hospital stay or general anesthesia! AROmotion helps heal damaged joint cartilage and allows fast, effective reconditioning of the hip and pelvis muscles, and ligaments.

Total hip replacement surgery is a big operation that carries the inherent risk of anesthesia, surgery and hospital-based infections. Once your natural hip joint is surgically cut out, and replaced by an implant, there is no going back. AROmotion is needle-based, therefore no big incision, no scarring and no surgical recovery period. Saving your joint through AROmotion is a faster and safer way to treat your arthritic hip joint pain. Get back to pain-free motion today.

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Patient Success Story

“I had the best experience. The doctor met with me before the procedure and answered all my concerns. When we went to the procedure room, he walked me through the steps so I knew exactly what to expect and how long it would take. The nurse was also equally kind and supportive. I rested a little after the procedure and could walk out of the office unassisted. My pain level afterwards was between 0 and 1. I followed all instructions regarding elevation and ice. I recommend this procedure wholeheartedly.”

June S.