How to Celebrate the Aging Process

We’ve mentioned it before, but aging is a gift! We learn more each year about who we are, what we like, and how we want to spend our time. How wonderful is it that we have the opportunity to learn more and continue to enrich our lives?

Whether it be embracing the small moments or being kind to yourself, there are plenty of ways to the celebrate aging process. After all, age is just a number.

Listen to Your Body

The body’s capabilities change over time, which can be hard to accept. Instead of fighting your body, listen to it.  We can be very intuitive if we simply tuned in. Does the body feel stiff today? Go easy on yourself, but stay active. Your body may be looking for a leisurely walk instead of a swim or bike ride.

Take Up a New Activity

Our interests constantly evolve as we learn and grow. Embrace the change! Taking up a new activity or hobby is a fun way to explore interests further or discover new ones.

Teach Someone Something

You’re probably an expert in one of your fields of interest! Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or how to get a hole in one, we bet someone is looking to soak up all that knowledge from you. Not only are you sharing an interest and teaching, you’re spending quality time with a loved one.

Keep In Touch

It’s not only important to stay in touch with your loved ones, but it’s just as important to stay in touch with those on a similar journey as you. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone in how you may be feeling. Find a support buddy that can help you through the good and not-so-great times.

However, you choose to celebrate, remember to be kind to yourself and your body. After all, you two have come a long way together.

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The Best At-Home Workouts for Joint Pain

Healthy Senior Woman Working Out At Home

While many people continue to practice social distancing, at-home workouts remain a popular choice for staying in shape while staying safe and healthy. With so many options available, from streaming classes online to popular home exercise equipment, there’s no shortage of options to help you stay on track with your fitness goals without hitting the gym. But, for those living with chronic joint pain, it can be difficult to keep up with a daily at-home workout routine while also managing excessive movement that can worsen joint pain.

Thankfully, there’s a variety of low impact at-home workouts that will burn calories and get your blood flowing while helping to avoid excessive impact on your joints.  With so many out there, we asked our founder, Dr. Robert Dean, to tell us which workouts he most often recommends for his patients that are managing chronic joint pain.

“It’s so important that patients with knee, hip, or shoulder pain continue with daily movement,” he says. “Exercise will help manage pain levels while boosting energy and mood – which is something we all need these days!”

According to Dr. Dean, the key is finding at-home workouts that are low-impact, meaning movement that’s easy on your joints while still getting your heart rate up and working your key muscles.

“When choosing an at-home workout for joint pain, it’s important to find routines that work best for you based on your experience level, flexibility, and personal preferences,” he says. “That’s why my at-home workout recommendations span a variety of types, so my patients can choose one they really enjoy or mix and match throughout the week.”

Before we share Dr. Dean’s list of the best at-home workouts for joint pain, this is a friendly reminder to always consult with your doctor before starting a new workout routine. Now, the good stuff – here’s the list!

The Best At-Home Workouts for Joint Pain

Walking. Getting outside for a 20-30 minute walk is one of the best ways to get your daily movement in while easing the impact on your joints! This is because walking gets your heart rate up, burns calories, and gets you outdoors with exposure to natural light. If you tend to get bored or distracted, enlisting a walking buddy is a great way to stay focused while you walk. And, yes, four-legged furry buddies count!


Swimming. If you are lucky enough to have a pool or access to one nearby, swimming is one of the best all-around exercises for a full-body workout that can help improve joint pain. If you haven’t hit the water in a while, you can build up stamina slowly and start with some lower impact water aerobics.

Pilates. This is such a great full-body workout that also helps focus the mind through breathing. Because Pilates is focused primarily on strengthening versus aggressive movement, it’s a great choice for those with joint pain. Most streaming services offer a variety of online classes that you can take right in your own living room with or without equipment, with levels from beginner all the way to advanced. Yoga, though often confused with Pilates, is a different practice that focuses on body awareness – and is also a great choice for joint pain.

Cycling. If you’ve been using your stationary bike as a clothing rack, now is the time to clean it off and get back on! Stationary cycling is easy on the joints while working your core and leg muscles and burning calories. If you are new to cycling, be sure to start slow as it will take time to get used to the equipment, and be sure to closely follow all safety guidelines.

Area-Specific Workouts. For those managing joint pain in specific areas of the body, at-home workouts that focus on the problem area are a great choice! Not only will you strengthen and burn calories, but you’ll also help strengthen the affected area while increasing flexibility through low-impact movement. Check out our library of workout articles by body part here:

With so many great at-home workout options, you don’t have to give up staying active because of chronic joint pain! If you are new to working out, or if it’s been a while, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • It only takes 20-30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week to start feeling the difference.
  • Start out slow and listen to your body; you will build up strength and stamina over time.
  • If something is uncomfortable, stop doing it.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.
  • Pick a time of day that’s best for you; some people prefer an early-bird workout while others do better in the afternoon.
  • Eat whole foods and lean, healthy proteins to complement the progress you will make and stay energized.
  • Get enough sleep; otherwise, you’ll start to lose steam quickly.

If you are living with chronic knee, hip, or shoulder pain and have been told that joint replacement surgery may be your only option, AROmotion can help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Dean to see if you are a candidate for our non-surgical treatment that has helped more than 1,800 patients stop their joint pain fast.

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