Meet AROmotion’s Dr. Robert Dean

Robert Dean, M.D., of AROmotion

“A keen acumen and a love for humanity is a physician’s greatest attribute.” – Dr. Robert Dean.

Throughout his 20-plus year career in medicine, Dr. Robert Dean has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to combining the art and science of medicine with a truly empathetic approach to treating patients on the human level. He has traveled the globe in pursuit of medical excellence while taking the time to deliver needed care to some of the most at-risk and underserved communities. Today, Dr. Dean leads the team at AROmotion, a Florida-based practice dedicated to helping patients end joint pain through a groundbreaking, minimally-invasive procedure that has helped many individuals successfully avoid joint replacement surgery. Here, we take a look back at his journey from a boy whose curiosity was fueled by his father, a pharmaceutical research scientist, to one of the most beloved and respected doctors among his peers today.

A Storied Career Inspired by Childhood Imagination

Dr. Dean’s exposure to medical research and terminology began at a young age, when he would spend time listening to his father, a research scientist, talk about traditional medications that had non-traditional origins that were fascinating. For example, there were stories about one of the most common blood pressure medications used in western medicine today and how it was developed from the lethal venom of the Brazilian Pit Viper or how the toxic poison from a rainforest frog that could actually be used to save people’s lives. As one would imagine, this captivated the imagination of a young boy who was also interested in the traditional science behind medicine. This, coupled with his empathetic nature, led him to a career in medicine where he would tirelessly pursue medical mysteries and new ways to help people live healthier, happier lives.

After earning his B.S. and M.D. at Rutgers- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Dr. Dean began a clinical rotation at Princeton Hospital. He developed a deep personal interest in helping displaced Kurdish refugees suffering from cholera after the first Iraq war, leading him to complete a residency in Internal Medicine at Brown where he worked under one of the top pioneers in cholera treatment.

This would not be the last time that Dr. Dean traveled abroad to bring a higher level of medical care to those across the globe. In fact, he would eventually go on to honor his father’s dedication to researching non-traditional medicines with his TV Series, Cures for Mankind, where he explored various rainforests and ecosystems in pursuit of life-saving drugs – just like the ones his father once told him of during his childhood.

Creating AROmotion

Soon after finishing his postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University, Dr. Dean moved to Tampa to start his medical practice, where he integrated the treatment of patients with orthopedic injuries and pain who were often told that surgery was their only option. These long-time patients had been sent to the best surgeons available but ended up with post-surgical pain and poor quality of life. This is when he identified the large treatment void between medical treatments to mitigate symptoms and the incredibly invasive extreme of total joint replacement surgery. This led him to the creation of AROmotion, Florida’s premier practice for a minimally-invasive 3 tier approach to stopping joint pain without surgery. His practice has successfully treated more than 1,000 patients with a groundbreaking approach that combines radiofrequency neurotomy, orthobiologics, and custom reconditioning program for long-term joint pain relief.

AROmotion's 3-Tiered Approach

Dr. Dean found that different specialties in medicine were not communicating on how their different treatments could augment each other when combined. The neurotomy mitigates bony nerve pain from chondromalacia, which makes patients really happy! However, this pain inside of the joint is what is actually perpetuating arthritis. So, when the pain stops so does the swelling and inflammation. This creates a much healthier joint environment for healing and orthobiologic therapies. Finally, the muscles and ligaments need to be reconditioned since the joint is now moving the way it had a long before the pain took over.

The success rate for AROmotion is extremely high because of the steps taken to ensure proper patient selection. Appropriate screening is critical as one in every four consultations are deemed non-candidates.

Medical Excellence With Empathy

Joint pain is a complex topic, and patients often find themselves confused after their initial medical consultations. This can lead to some patients who do not need invasive surgery to take that step, whereas Dr. Dean believes that every consultation should be a conversation between doctor and patient where he and his team listen closely and determine if AROmotion is the right fit. With this approach, Dr. Dean and his team are able to break through the standard medical jargon to help patients feel educated about their condition and empowered when it comes to making decisions about their joint pain treatment.

“I can’t stress enough how comfortable Dr. Dean made me feel during the consultation process,” says Haley Fox, an AROmotion patient. “I did a lot of research before calling AROmotion, but the way he explained things made a world of difference. He was able to help me understand the root cause of my hip pain and why self-management was not a viable long-term solution. Not once did I feel pressured to book the procedure; instead, I felt like Dr. Dean helped me understand what I needed to learn, made his recommendation, and then let me make the right decision for me.”


From a young boy whose imagination was fueled by his father’s stories of non-traditional drugs to one of Florida’s most respected physicians, Dr. Dean’s story demonstrates the passion and care behind AROmotion. Along with his team of board-certified physicians, he is dedicated to helping more people stop joint pain without invasive surgery and get back to pain-free living.

If you are experiencing joint pain and have been told that surgery is your only option, or if you have been taking over-the-counter medications to mask the pain, now is the time to book a free consultation with Dr. Dean’s team to see if you are a candidate for AROmotion. Simply fill out the form below to request your consultation today.

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