Tips for Maintaining Independence While Aging

As we age, it’s easy to feel like we’re unable to do all the things we used to. While sometimes that may be true, it’s important to pivot and shift focus on the things we can do. If tackling daily tasks on your own is difficult, that’s ok! When it comes to maintaining independence, there are a variety of ways to implement control in your life.

Stay Active Physically and Mentally

Exercising your body and mind is imperative when it comes to maintaining independence. The wonderful part about this is that you get to choose the activity you want to do! For example, when deciding what movement brings you joy, look for ones that are low impact like yoga, swimming, or a leisurely stroll with a friend. As for keeping your mind active, do you prefer word searches? Sudokus? Puzzles? These all get you thinking and have the ability to include a partner or two! 

Find Joy in the Ordinary

Maintaining independence doesn’t require anything grand, it can be found in the simplest of tasks. If you’re able to, make your favorite snack, fold your laundry, or even help make the grocery list. 

Remain Social

Friendships and relationships are important for any age. Take time to continue to nurture these by calling and spending time together. Find activities you both enjoy and set a date! Whether that is attending a community event or doing a puzzle over coffee, you’ll not only find independence but a strengthened bond. 

Keep Your Home Safe

A big key to independence is to set your home up in a safe and functional way for you. Ask for help when it comes to making adjustments like adding railings and removing any tripping hazards.  

Whether they are big or small, there are plenty of ways to remain independent. Did your favorite ways make the list?

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5 Tips For Managing Holiday Stress

Managing holiday stress doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools, you can navigate holiday traditions with friends and family with ease and grace. Whether you’re hosting or simply attending a gathering, be sure to keep these five tips in mind for a more enjoyable holiday experience!

Make a List…and Check It Twice.

Having a plan in place is helpful when gathering menu items, restocking the guest bathroom, and more. When the list is able to be visualized on paper, you’re less likely to become overwhelmed. Is there anything more satisfying than checking something off your to-do list?  

Embrace the Imperfections! 

While a plan is beneficial for preparation, don’t get too hung up on if your outline isn’t followed exactly. Embrace the imperfections and keep moving forward. After all, life isn’t perfect and it’s a little messy, but that’s what keeps it interesting! 

Ask for Help 

Don’t feel pressured to handle everything, especially if you’re hosting the festivities this year! Asking for help or assigning duties to others is a great way to manage holiday stress as well as offer others a way to feel included and helpful. 

Keep Up with Healthy Habits

We’re definitely not ones to advise against indulging! The holidays are a time of abundance, gratitude, and togetherness. What brings people together more than delicious food? While we encourage enjoying the foods you love this holiday season, be sure to incorporate some of your healthy meals into the menu as well. Additionally, keep your body active through strolls around the neighborhood, swimming, or other low-impact workouts. Surely one of your friends or family members would love to join you in staying on track.

Remember the Why

Between preparing your home, food, and activities for all, the holidays can induce stress. In these moments, it’s important to take a step back and remember the why. The holidays are a time for you and your loved ones to gather and celebrate. Time together is precious and deserves to be savored. However, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment for yourself. Enjoy a relaxing activity, a warm bath, or simply check in internally.

The holidays are a joyful and magical time, but that doesn’t mean that stressors disappear. Have these tips in your toolbox to combat difficult times, so you can get back to celebrating the season and a wonderful year ahead. 

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How to Tackle a Chore List

Not many people enjoy chores, especially household ones. However, these tasks don’t have to be daunting, time-consuming activities. With four simple tips, you’ll be tackling your chore list with ease and efficiency, making it a great routine for you both mentally and physically. 

Write It Out 

Chore lists can seem daunting when you’re listing them out in your head. Take that list and put it on paper! This makes it easier to visualize your tasks and offers gratification when you’re able to check them off your list! 

Turn On Tunes

Music has the power to ignite emotions and motivate! Put on your favorite songs or album to help you through your tasks. Singing and dancing while doing the dishes or vacuuming the floor is sure to help pass the time. It’s pretty fun, too! 

Enlist Help

Don’t feel defeated if there is something on your list you aren’t able to accomplish. Asking for help is just as productive! By having assistance, you’re ensuring the task is done properly and safely.  

Divide and Conquer

Who says you have to complete your list in one day? By divvying up tasks throughout the week, you can spend more time focusing on things you enjoy as opposed to cleaning every room in your house on a Saturday. A lot of people find it effective to set a cleaning schedule throughout the week. Perhaps on Mondays, you focus on cleaning the kitchen, while on Tuesdays you tend to the bathrooms.

How do you like to tackle your chore list?

If you are living with chronic knee, hip, or shoulder pain that’s preventing you from enjoying life as you age, you can complete the form below to request your free consultation with Dr. Dean to see if you are a candidate for AROmotion which has helped more than 2,000 patients stop their joint pain fast without surgery.

Fall Activities For Your Bucket List

The countdown to the official first day of fall has begun! While we’ve enjoyed the fruits of summer, we’re ready to lean into all things autumn and welcome a new season. From outdoor activities to cozy moments indoors, there are plenty of fall activities to check off your bucket list!

Experience Color Changes by Leaf Peeping

With the leaves starting to change color, it’s a great time to get outside and see all the different shades. The best part is leaf peeping can be done anywhere. Enjoy while walking through your neighborhood or visit your local arboretum to see the everchanging foliage.

Start a New Book

There is no better time than fall to bundle up in a sweater and chunky blanket to read! Since it’s not too chilly out, take your reading adventure outside to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the crisp breeze. A glass of warm apple cider on the side is sure to help set the mood!

Go Apple Picking

September is the season for apples and apple orchards can be a fun place to kick off the fall season! With a variety of different apples, you can walk through and pick your favorites to eat straight or bake with. You’ll also find yummy seasonal treats like apple cider donuts, chilled apple cider, and apple butter.

Try a New Fall Recipe

There are so many foods that just taste better in the fall. Homemade chili, maple-flavored oatmeal, and dishes featuring sweet potatoes come to mind! Experiment in the kitchen with cozy, hearty recipes to bring the fall season indoors. If you’re looking for a few ideas, Dr. Dean has some favorite fall go-to recipes!

Fall is all about change and embracing both the slowness and coziness. What is on your fall bucket list this year?

If you are living with chronic knee, hip, or shoulder pain that’s preventing you from enjoying life as you age, you can complete the form below to request your free consultation with Dr. Dean to see if you are a candidate for AROmotion which has helped more than 2,000 patients stop their joint pain fast without surgery.

Five Sports for Seniors to Try

Even as we age, it’s important to keep our bodies moving! Not only do sports and physical activity help with strengthening muscles and protecting joints, it takes a great deal of brain power! Whether you’re leveraging hand-eye coordination, strategy, or gentle movements, there are plenty of activities for you to explore. Here are five sports for seniors to try:

  • Swimming

Swimming is a low-impact workout that is not only fun but can help strengthen the muscles around the joint. The buoyancy of the water allows you to move more freely and at a full range of motion to get the most out of your time in the pool.

  • Golf

Golf is a game that can marry activity and socialization. This sport doesn’t require an exorbitant amount of energy to have fun! With golf taking place outdoors (for the most part), you can enjoy fresh air, walking, putting, and a little bit of strategy!

  • Tennis

A more fast-paced sport, tennis is about hand-eye coordination and balance. This is a great sport to use both mental and physical energy! With the need to run and swing a racket, be sure to take caution if this sport piques your interest!

  • Dancing

Express yourself and get your body moving! Dancing can be a full-body workout that can enhance energy, mood, and even help with memory by remembering steps or a routine. Additionally, you can also sit to make this a low-impact workout that is easier on your joints!  

  • Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful practice for both body and mind. The gentle movements strengthen muscles while improving flexibility and reducing tension in the body. With a variety of levels and moves, anyone can craft a routine suitable for their abilities. For some joint-friendly yoga moves, check out Yoga for Joint Pain Management here.

While these are only five ideas, there are other activities and sports for seniors. We challenge you to find the one that makes you feel your best (and happiest!). Which sport speaks to you?

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How to Celebrate the Aging Process

We’ve mentioned it before, but aging is a gift! We learn more each year about who we are, what we like, and how we want to spend our time. How wonderful is it that we have the opportunity to learn more and continue to enrich our lives?

Whether it be embracing the small moments or being kind to yourself, there are plenty of ways to the celebrate aging process. After all, age is just a number.

Listen to Your Body

The body’s capabilities change over time, which can be hard to accept. Instead of fighting your body, listen to it.  We can be very intuitive if we simply tuned in. Does the body feel stiff today? Go easy on yourself, but stay active. Your body may be looking for a leisurely walk instead of a swim or bike ride.

Take Up a New Activity

Our interests constantly evolve as we learn and grow. Embrace the change! Taking up a new activity or hobby is a fun way to explore interests further or discover new ones.

Teach Someone Something

You’re probably an expert in one of your fields of interest! Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or how to get a hole in one, we bet someone is looking to soak up all that knowledge from you. Not only are you sharing an interest and teaching, you’re spending quality time with a loved one.

Keep In Touch

It’s not only important to stay in touch with your loved ones, but it’s just as important to stay in touch with those on a similar journey as you. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone in how you may be feeling. Find a support buddy that can help you through the good and not-so-great times.

However, you choose to celebrate, remember to be kind to yourself and your body. After all, you two have come a long way together.

If you are living with chronic knee, hip, or shoulder pain that’s preventing you from enjoying life as you age, you can complete the form below to request your free consultation with Dr. Dean to see if you are a candidate for AROmotion which has helped more than 2,000 patients stop their joint pain fast without surgery.

What To Include in an Out-of-the-Box Self-Care Kit

We’re familiar with the traditional ways to partake in self-care. Typically, these are viewed as massages, a day off work, or a relaxing bubble bath. While these are wonderful ways to give yourself TLC, there are other ways to treat both your body and mind each day.

Self-care is all about caring for your overall wellness. If you ask us, taking the time to do that every day is extremely important! Even the things that seem small can make a big impact. Creating a simple, yet out-of-the-box self-care kit has never been easier. Check out these five things to include in caring for yourself daily.

A Comfortable Pair of Shoes

A comfortable pair of shoes is not something to be overlooked! Proper support plays a large role in our posture and even affects our joints’ feelings. Investing in a pair of shoes that offer optimal support for your foot can prevent pain and discomfort while walking or participating in other physical activities.

Slather on the SPF

Take care of your skin and protect it from harmful rays, especially when you’re spending time in the sun. Regular application of sunscreen will help prevent burns and signs of aging while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities like gardening or strolling through the neighborhood.

Munch on Healthy and Yummy Snacks

Fueling your body is imperative when caring for yourself. The food we choose nourishes our bodies and gives us the energy to tackle the day. Choosing the right foods will also offer you added health benefits. For example, adding in healthy fats like avocado and protein from eggs can help with inflammation and weight control. Try one (or more!) of Dr. Dean’s healthy breakfast ideas and don’t forget to treat your sweet tooth as well!

A Thick Yoga Mat

Slowing the body down and moving with intention is a wonderful way to care for your body and mind. Partake in mindful activities like meditation and yoga with a comfortable mat. A thicker mat with more cushion can add additional comfort to your joints. This will make your practice more comfortable and you can focus on breathwork and clearing the mind instead of an uncomfortable mat!

A Good Night’s Sleep

This may be one of the most important ways to practice self-care. Getting the proper amount of quality sleep can make all the difference in your health and mood. Set yourself up for success by taking part in a nighttime routine to unwind. Whatever brings you comfort and melts away the day, do that! This could be a warm shower, reading before bed, or even some light yoga stretching.

As you can see, self-care doesn’t have to take up too much of your time or be complicated. Taking the time to do things with intention or investing in items to make your life a bit easier (and more comfortable!) can make a world of difference. You’re bound to feel the impact of taking care of both your body and mind with your out-of-the-box self-care kit!

Your Summer Bucket List

Sweet summertime has arrived and it’s the perfect time to explore something new and check off your summer bucket list! The beautiful thing about bucket lists is that they can feature whatever you want, so if skydiving didn’t make the cut, there is no need to fret. Your bucket list can be comprised of the things you want to do and accomplish. There isn’t a goal that is too small.

If you’re stuck on what you may want to achieve this summer, we have some ideas to keep your body and mind sharp.

Step Outside Your Genre

There is something about summertime that sparks summer reading. While we all have our go-to stories and genres, why not step outside your comfort zone this summer? Pick up an unexpected book that piques your interest. Better yet, join a book club! You’ll be exposed to new stories and be able to socialize.

Pick Up an Outdoor Hobby

The great outdoors isn’t something to be missed, especially during the summer months! Trying your hand at a new hobby that gets your outdoors is the perfect way to enjoy the season.  Put your green thumb to use by working (or starting!) a garden or maybe visiting the local pool for an open swim!

Plan a Summer’s Day Out

During the warmer seasons, take advantage of the quintessential summer to-dos. Pack a picnic lunch and head to the beach for a day of relaxation, sun, and fun! Whether you’re spending the day with family or friends, you’re sure to make a wonderful memory!

Put Your Mind to the Test!

A day indoors can be just as fun in the summer. Keep cool and dry during those hot and humid days by tackling a puzzle. Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle, word cross, or Sudoku, a little challenge mentally can be a fun change of pace. Plus, it’s fun to see your progress and finally, the accomplishment! 

So, what will you add to your summer bucket list? Better yet, what are you checking off?