Dr. Dean’s Favorite Holiday Traditions

Family celebrating the holidays

This is the time of year where holiday traditions come on the scene and we feel the magic of the season. While there are plenty of well-known traditions, as well as personal ones, we love finding those that keep us moving and feeling connected with ourselves and loved ones.

AROmotion’s founder, Dr. Robert Dean, is sharing four of his favorite holiday traditions to help bring the spirit as well as a few ways to manage chronic joint pain at the same time. From Dr. Dean and all of us at AROmotion, we hope you enjoy these traditions and have a happy holiday!  

Play Tourist. Most cities and towns have something special to offer around the holidays. Whether it’s a holiday market supplying unique ornaments to add to your collection or strings of lights adorning your version of Main Street, exploring spots like these are sure to put you in the spirit and make memories for years to come. Get those joints moving by enjoying a bundled stroll with friends and family with hot cocoa in hand to take it all in.

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Host a Cookie Party. The sweets are in abundance around this time and we’re here for it! While a chocolate chip cookie cannot be denied, an exciting holiday tradition is making (and/or tasting) all the special cookies come out of hiding for the season. Hosting a cookie baking party or cookie exchange is a wonderful way to bring people together as well as to create. We think these Carrot Walnut Oatmeal cookies would be a delicious addition to any tray. They even call for turmeric, which is perfect for fight off inflammation.   

Freeze Those Memories. Grab your best holiday outfits and pose for the picture! Memories are treasured and a photograph to accompany those are priceless. We love the holiday tradition of taking a group photo each year to not only remember, but to also look back on years past. This serves as a reminder of all to be thankful for during this season.

Give Back. While it’s always a good time to give back to the community and those in need, this season is exceptionally helpful. There are plenty of ways to make charity a part of your holiday traditions. Find an organization that you align with and donate in a friend or family member’s name as a gift or donate your time at local shelters.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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