How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Healthy seniors outside jogging in the fall

With the time change and the colder weather setting in, it’s easy to feel less motivated to stay active. For those managing chronic joint pain, it’s essential to stick to a daily workout routine to keep your joints and muscles active. Even when it feels impossible, there are a handful of ways to take advantage of this season and get moving.

Now, we are sharing tips from our founder, Dr. Robert Dean, that he gives his patients when they are seeking a little inspiration to stay active during the colder seasons.

“It’s the season to get cozy and comfortable inside,” says Dr. Dean. “While you should enjoy relaxing time indoors, it’s important to either stick to your existing exercise routine or start a new one that works better for you when it’s colder outside. Thankfully, there are some fun and simple ways to stay on track and this is especially important for my patients living with knee, hip, shoulder, or other joint pain.”

Nature Walks. While there may be a chill to the air, the foliage is a sight to see. Bundle up and head out for a leisurely walk around your neighborhood. While the movement is great for joints and staying warm, you can enjoy the autumnal views.

Adopt a New (Indoor) Routine. There are plenty of exercises that can be done in the comfort of your very own home. From indoor cycling to fitness apps, there is no shortage of new things to spice up your routine. Take this opportunity to explore try a new type of workout or class. We love either a gentle yoga or strength training class that incorporates light weights.

Join Your Local Club. If you prefer to venture out, joining your local club or gym may be for you! Switching up the scenery and workouts is a sure way to keep up motivation. If your location has an indoor pool, we highly recommend taking some laps! The movement is not only fun and beneficial, it’s easy on those joints!

Remember the Why. Even in times when we don’t feel like exercising, it’s important to remember why we’re staying active. This can be our most powerful motivator. A healthy and active lifestyle can prevent injury, strengthen joints, and keep us moving for many years to come.

In addition to daily movement, Dr. Dean also likes to remind his patients to maintain a healthy and balanced diet during the fall and winter seasons to help reach our maintain weight and wellness goals. (For helpful tips, tricks, and recipes, visit our blog and browse some of our most popular articles.)

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