What Do Knee Arthritis Pain and a Toothache Have In Common?

Knee Arthritis vs. Toothache

Knee arthritis is a very common condition, and one of the most frequently treated ones here at AROmotion. Even so, many patients don’t have all of the facts when it comes to treating severe knee arthritis pain and end up going through total knee replacement surgery before exploring other options.

When it comes to understanding knee arthritis pain, it’s important for patients to understand not just the root causes, but also all of the options to stop the pain so they can get back to pain-free motion. In this article, we share Dr. Robert Dean’s favorite knee arthritis pain analogy that he often uses to help his patients understand the differences between knee replacement surgery and AROmoiton, a minimally invasive alternative.

Knee arthritis pain is precisely like a toothache. 

When you get a cavity, the nerves underneath the hard enamel are not protected and feel pain from the pressure of chewing. The dentist always wants to try and save your tooth, so they will first see if a filling or root canal will stop the nerve pain and solve your problem. When the tooth is cracked or mechanically too far gone, the dentist will place a crown over the root. 

A crown treats your tooth pain by cutting and grinding away the top of the tooth, down to the root, because that is where the painful nerve endings live. By cutting out the top of your tooth, the pain is gone…but so is most of your tooth! This is why the lab has to make a porcelain cap to glue on top of the root so you can chew.

Total knee replacement surgery is precisely like a tooth crown.

The orthopedic surgeon cuts away the ends of the bone where the painful nerve endings live. This makes your knee pain go away…but now you don’t have a knee joint! So, the implant company provides a titanium prosthetic hinge that the surgeon glues onto the cut-off ends of the bone so you can walk.

AROmotion will have one of our board-certified physicians review your images and medical case to determine if your knee is mechanically intact. If you are a candidate, we can stop the nerve pain, heal the cavities and save your natural joint.

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