4 Ways to Combat Aging Anxiety

Happy older couple relaxing on the beach

Growing older can induce some anxiety, especially in a world where it sometimes seems like people are aging backward. Maybe another wrinkle appeared in the mirror or you’re unable to move as swiftly as you once did. However, aging is a gift. The aches and pains are merely a sign of your body carrying you through both the challenging and the fun.

While feeling the anxieties of getting older is completely normal, there are quite a few ways to feel more empowered and grateful for the process. After all, everyone gets older, but not everyone’s mindset is set to do it gracefully.

  • Keep moving. Regular activities such as walking, swimming, or yoga are great ways to keep you feeling your best. The gentle movements can help alleviate joint pain, keep your heart healthy and strong, and keep those endorphins up!
  • Fuel your body. Feel your best from the inside out by eating foods that make you feel good and balanced. Think of incorporating things like fresh, sweet fruits, hearty oatmeals, and crisp fresh veggies into your diet. Don’t forget to indulge occasionally, too! It’s good for the soul and if it’s dark chocolate, it’s good for the heart [1].
  • Focus on what you CAN do. It’s easy to feel down and out when you focus on the things you are no longer able to do. Instead of honing in on the fact that running a marathon is no longer in the cards, shift your mindset to focus on what you can do. Is that going on a mile morning walk with a good friend or being able to whip up a top-notch Thanksgiving dinner? Whatever you consider a win, focus on that. Be proud!
  • Acknowledge those feelings. We get it. Some days the feelings of anxiety or worry hit harder than others. Those feelings are valid and deserve to be acknowledged. Bottling it up will only make you hold onto those feelings longer. Talk to a friend or family member about how you’re feeling or take a stroll in the fresh air to help release those tense feelings. You’ll be in a better position to move forward and focus on what you can control.

There is no doubt that the aging process is one that can leave you feeling anxious, however, we hope these four tips will help you navigate the process a little better. Keep moving, stay strong, and remember all that you are capable of doing. 

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