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Cut out the Pain,
not Your Joint

Return to pain-free motion and avoid the risks of knee, hip, or shoulder replacement surgery.

Fast, effective
joint pain relief

Avoid the risks
of surgery


Have you been told you 
need joint replacement surgery?

Getting a second opinion matters.

Most patients who are told that their only option is total joint replacement surgery don’t know what questions to ask or when to seek a second opinion. And, many don’t realize that this procedure involves cutting out the end of your bone with a lengthy hospital stay and recovery time.

While we live in a world where surgery is the perceived standard, the majority of patients we consult with are in fact candidates for our groundbreaking, non-surgical procedure.

Our board-certified physicians have helped more than 2,000 patients return to pain-free motion – so, before you commit to an invasive procedure that carries some risks, let us offer a second opinion to see if you are a candidate for our groundbreaking non-surgical treatment for knee, hip, and shoulder pain.

Understanding the Risks
of Joint Replacement Surgery



Lengthy Hospital Stay
and Recovery

Wound Healing
and Scarring

Limited Post-Surgery

HowAROmotion Works

Stop the Pain

AROmotion combines an FDA-approved procedure called Radiofrequency Neurotomy to disrupt these sensory nerves and stop the pain inside of the joint.

Promote Healing

Disrupting the pain signal reduces the negative inflammatory factors, but equally important to AROmotion is the introduction of positive factors. Now, this healthier, more normalized joint can better support the orthobiologic used to complement your own natural healing factors.


Once we have relieved the pain, your joint will want to revert to its natural motion. This is why our Board Certified, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians design a custom reconditioning program that will help you stretch and strengthen the muscles and ligaments supporting your return to normal joint motion.

Our Doctors

Dr Robert Dean

Robert Dean, M.D.


Dr Richard Genato

Richard J. Genato, M.D.


Dr Anthony Esposito

Anthony Esposito, D.O.


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